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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Frying Bologna

One of the oddest dreams of my adult life occurred last night: I was frying bologna.

I like fried bologna, and I didn't go to bed hungry, but it was a strange dream. Very Strange.
I was frying bologna over boiling water.

A little patience please as I try to describe this:
In my dream, I am hovering over the sinks, both basins are plugged and completely full of water, and the water is boiling like crazy. How am I frying bologna on boiling water? I have metal butter knives floating on top of the water and I am laying slices of bologna down on them like they are little floating hot grills, and they are sizzling away as they bob in the water. I could smell the bologna frying, and was even seasoning the slices with Hooter’s Hot Sauce and garlic salt.
The real bitch was when I needed to flip over the bologna, because on trying to maneuver under the slices for the flip, I’d knock the knives and they would start pin-wheeling through the water. I never did get to flip a slice before my dream attention-span went to some other subject, and obviously it wasn’t as twisted because I don’t remember it.
Now, I don't know what an interpreter of dreams would think of this, but to me it means that my imagination was cooking up (pardon the pun) something obscenely twisted for me to write about, just so I would get off my lazy arse and write.
Mmmmm, bologna.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Cute post. I've never fried bologna, so I guess I wouldn't have this sort of dream.


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