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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

First Blog

It's time for that first Blog entry.

The basic bio would be that I am a father of five, have my first year anniversary coming up soon with my beautiful wife, and have been on the Internet scene since you could gopher, write email with Pine, and The Well was "The" spot to be online. - Yet I chose the freenet and Delphi.

I am a multimedia nut and have been involved in 3D for over a decade, beginning with NewTek's LightWave, then moved to AutoDesk 3D Studio when I went PC, then LightWave ported over and I jumped back. Have tinkered in all facets of multimedia, and found a semi-reliable income in web design (b o r i n g) as a Guvment Contractor.

Lately I have been spreading my wings on some of the web-dev stuff by wrestling with Macromedia's Flash Comm Server for a client that wanted an online seminar application. And another cool-ish project has been taking live flight-data and creating an online application that converts the coordinate data into a motion path for LightWave for 3D representations of experimental flight missions.

As for why Blogging? Well, I like to write and have opinions about all sorts of things, and I'm hoping that Blogging can keep me active in my writing -- something neglected for quite a while. I have written some short stories - unpublished, working on a novel -- at some point, and for a single grain in my sands of time I wrote book critiques for Starlog Magazine.

My last name is Thorn, and this Blog will consist of little bits of me, so why not Splinters for a title.. -- Not a pretty description, but at least it's appropriate.
Steve Thorn


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