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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Code to Music To, and Some Reading Suggestions

I am finding that when I work in Flash MX I need to listen to Classical Music. I would hazard it’s because Flash can aggravate me so much that I need that special music that calms the savage beast, or is it breast? Today it is Mendelssohn, most times I listen to Paganini. It’s something about the wicked fiddle in Paganini’s works that give me a calm yet anarchic flutter in my chest that lets me grind on in keyframes and Actionscript.

For most other work I usually go for the head-splitting heavy volume of anything from Eminem(gasp) to AudioSlave, STP, Pearl Jam or Disturbed. Then to throw my co-workers into a worried mode of anticipating my soon going ‘Postal’, I’ll switch to Billy Joel. But for the ultimate in music for anything in everyday life, I suggest Todd Rundgren.

At current, Flash Comm Server has me stymied as I am working on an e-conferencing-type application that a moderator can switch between multiple presenters and allow for live question and answer periods with the attendees. So I continue to fight with Actionscript and a pesky little remote shared object to make it all work before the live show, which is on Thursday of next week. Sigh.

Let’s ignore the work for a little while and focus on something truly important: great authors and great books.

Neil Gaiman: Where to begin? I love all of his work. American Gods is surreal and dark. Neverwhere is twisted, and extremely hard to put down. Sandman, ‘nuff said. -- OK, I just remembered one of his works (co-works) that didn’t cut it for me, but it could be it’s because I’m not a Terry Pratchett fan, but Good Omens, while not a favorite book, could work out nicely as a Terry Gilliam movie.

F. Paul Wilson: His series of books on Repairman Jack are the coolest, darkest stories you’ll see in a long time. There is a current of evil and grand schemes that are hiding behind every RJ story, and you know that Wilson is building Jack up to something so twisted and bizarre that it’ll blow your mind. It all began in Wilson’s The Tomb, but the series has been going strong for years. A few that come to mind are Legacies, and Conspiracies.

This was merely a teaser of some great people to read, I have so many more. But for now, I must get back to Flash.


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